Roccat Taito Control Review- Amazing Guide (Updated)

Roccat Taito Control Review | Control Mouse Pad

Roccat Taito Control Review | Best Mousepad For CSGO

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  • Comes in 3 sizes, 3mm and 5mm thickness, comfortable, inexpensive.
  • Stitched edges: durability from fraying.
  • Easier to clean.


  • Not as smooth as other soft mousepads.
  • Taito Control is harder to lay flat due to the stiffness stitched edges.
  • A bit noisy during intense moves.

Roccat Taito Control Review- Buyer’s Guide

Hey, dude! If you think you have been experiencing unbalanced life in gaming, then try this Roccat Taito Control gaming mousepad. Small-sized mousepads are not enough, the same as the big-sizes that are too much. Roccat Taito Control, which was released three years ago, is a comfortable mid-sized mousepad of 400 mm X 320 mm, and a design focused on extended durability, indeed, a high-spec pad that won’t let you down. In addition to this, it is an expertly crafted that takes the award-winning blueprint original Taito and re-develops it with an emphasis on more precise control.

It has already been said that Taito Control gives you a better surface for your battles and as I was using it, it is indeed comfortable, enough space for my hand’s movements, and even though it has a smooth surface, it is still controllable. Roccat Taito Control shows good qualities, some of those are its comfortable gaming size, heavy-duty stitched border that prevents fraying over its long-term use, total control surface that provides steady and smooth mouse action, rubberized backing which keeps the mousepad in place, and lastly, as a gamer who is saving money, Taito Control is a long-life material — rugged and stress-resistant build.

Roccat Taito Control has not been a problem to me, except for the fact that it is making a noise during intense moves and it is not that smooth if you compare it to other cloth mouse mats. Some reviews I have read said that it does not stay flat after taking it out of the box but some says otherwise. Nevertheless, even though it is not that smooth, the slight friction of Taito Control gives you more control without sacrificing speed. It even provides amazing accuracy, whether it is a conventional office mouse or one of those high-performance gaming mice, it can still bring edge in your games while being a comfortable mouse mat.

If you think Roccat Taito Control is not what you are looking for, I recommend you to try BenQ ZOWIE PTF-X Gaming Mouse Cloth (355 x 315 x 3.5 mm.). BenQ ZOWIE PTF-X is also a gaming cloth mousepad and quite the same with Roccat Taito Control. Even though it is a bit pricier than Taito Control, BenQ Zowie PTF-X contains the quality of comfortabilty and flexibility, durability and low friction, triple-stitched edging, and accommodates any types of mouse.

The pros and cons Roccat Taito Control have is quite reasonable compare to other expensive cloth mousepads. It is affordable in some ways and its performance is not that bad at all. Roccat Taito Control gives you an extra edge while gaming, so come and think of it. Do you want to get out-of-stock? If not, then when will you buy? This is a worth-buying cloth mousepad.

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