Logitech G640 Review- Large Gaming Mousepad (Updated)

Logitech G640 Review | Logitech Surface tuning

Logitech G640 Review | best mousepad for gaming

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  • Offers good control.
  • Cannot be easily peeled.
  • Perfect size and good mouse surface.


  • Hard to clean.
  • Kinda pricey if you are on budget.
  • Edges aren’t stitched and picks up a lot of dirt.

Logitech G640 Review- Let Us Sum It Up!

As I start my review, I want to include here first that in my opinion, SMALL MOUSE MAT IS TERRIBLE. For someone who is looking for a GREAT mousepad, then here is Logitech G640, which was released three years ago, with (400mm. x 460mm.) which is about 120 mm. in both length and width larger than the average mousepad. This may be a little pricey but seeing its specifications, quality and the comfortability it can bring is quite justifiable. A gamer or not, if your hand requires a lot of movements, Logitech G640 improves control for rapid mouse movements common to low DPI gaming and also gives you the fullest Logitech G mouse sensor accuracy and precision. As for the feeling of the pad, G640 is indeed consistent all-in-all and no changes in comfortability or whatever movement. Its bottom part has a blue-colored rubber that sticks very well and keeps the flexible surface in place. Plus, you can bring this anywhere and get the same appearance anytime! You can bring G640 with you for it can be rolled up yet stays flat when you are about to use it.

Unfortunately, Logitech G640 is a non-stitched mousepad, so if you are a mousepad-conscious person who is looking for a low-priced and stitched mousepad, I would freely recommend to you Roccat Taito Control, this may not be one of the smoothest of cloth mousepads but the slight friction of this gives you more control without sacrificing speed, has a lower price than Logitech G640 and large surface area (400mm x 320mm), nicely stitched edges, but can be noisy during intense mouse.

As a gamer, I have been observing all mousepads I am using, and this one, Logitech G640, has really impressed me. There may be cons this mousepad has, but the good quality it brings during my gaming took all over them. Logitech G640 is a great mousepad.

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