Corsair MM600 Review- Double sided Mat (Updated)

Corsair MM600 Review | Giant Mousepad

Corsair MM600 Review | Overwatch Mousepad

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  • Both sides are functional.
  • Easier to clean.
  • Sturdy but has a light weight.


  • A little bit pricey.
  • If you do not like double- sided mousepads, this is not for you.

Corsair MM600 Review- Incredible Mousepad

Something. Different. Finally.

Gamers or not, we all are looking for good quality mousepads, right? We do not care about its appearance as long as it does not affect its performance. Like in tapes, we do not care about its appearance and what kind of tape it is as long as it can stick. But some people now chooses double-sided tapes, thinking it is better because it is not visible unlike the ordinary tapes…and this is what I thought when I bought Corsair MM600 DOUBLE-SIDED GAMING MOUSEMAT. Corsair MM600 Double-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat (352mm x 272mm x 5mm) is a hard aluminum mouse mat with two definitely texture sizes, which means it can fulfill your texture needs in gaming.  The two surfaces are both made of high-quality polymer, this is proven sturdy but has a light weight (w/c is good!), durable for consistent glide and long life, ensures accurate tracking, and creatively has rubber corners that secures the mobilization of your mousepad while you are of use of it.

I got my Corsair MM600 the moment it was released — three years ago. Its interesting name and characteristic excites me so when I held the box, I examined it and I can now tell you guys that, Corsair Gaming will never fail you, from its box down to the performance of its mouse mat. It is well-packaged, it does not have folds or whatever unpleasant thing. Corsair put two small triangular shapes at the bottom-side of the box, both has different texture and obviously, they provided it so the customer would know the texture of the mouse mat inside ‘that’ box. It has been said that Corsair MM600 is a hard aluminum, a sturdy one, so it is quite nicer because you can put it anywhere around your desk or even in your lap! As for the performance of the actual mouse mat, it’s super good because speed and control have their own side/surface, which means both sides are functional! Like me, if I play or do something speedy, I use the speed surface but if it’s time for work or the like, I flip it and use the control surface. I even find the texture super nice and it’s not annoying to my hand during gaming or works. Corsair MM600 even has a rubber corners so it won’t be able to move around while you are on game.

PRICEY. I already concluded this word even before I start my review. This mousepad costs $39.99 but if my memory serves me right, Amazon sells this mouse mat for like $24.99 only. If you are looking for a double-sided mouse mat, then this is the only one I can recommend to you. But if you still like the typical mousepads, then try to look at Corsair’s available mousepads or try to use what I used before, the Corsair MM400. It has a lower price than Corsair MM600 and performed as well as Corsair MM600!

Choosing Corsair MM600 Double-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat was so finger-lickin’ good! I got something different…finally. Get yours, too. Just like how I got and experience Corsair.

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