Corsair MM400 Review- Speed Gaming Mousepad (Updated)

Corsair MM400 Review | Best Mousepad For FPS

Corsair MM400 Review | Speed GamingCheck Price



  • Good build quality.
  • Long life span.
  • Not too big, not too small.
  • Made of hard plastic.


  • Sharp edges.
  • A bit pricey.

Corsair MM400 Review- Buyer’s Guide

“Tick. Tock. Tick Tock.” Do you spend your time deciding what mousepad your hand suits? Are not you getting tired on choosing expensive mousepads for you believe that they have good quality and can level your speed during gaming? Wake up! The mousepad you are looking for is waiting for you ever since three years ago! See this Corsair MM400 High Speed Gaming Mousepad, has a size of 352 mm by 272 mm with 1mm. thickness. Corsair MM400 is a hard plastic, low-friction mousepad specifically designed for accuracy, speed, and intense gaming. This is also optimized for gaming sensors which gives you a better glide without sacrificing control or accuracy. This mouse mat is tuned to deliver consistent snap targeting, enabling you to accomplish pixel-precise shots.

I bought Corsair MM400, they provide one-year warranty, probably for customers who might encounter problems with their products but fortunately, I have not encountered problems, starting with its packaging up to its purpose. As I got the mousepad out, it is odor-free and natural, it even has a ‘glossy’ rubber at the back so it’ll just stay in one place and won’t slide around your desk. As for its front, it was actually super good, aside from its hardness and its ability to provide smooth but controllable surface, it is also a LOW-FRICTION rigid polymer that helps for the mobilization of your mouse. Speaking of mobilization, Corsair MM400 has an extra surface for you to feel comfortable, be able to mobilize, and can even level your speed. I have also noticed its coating and I think, it is basically for the optimization of better precision and uniformity of the mouse that is optical or laser. Corsair MM400 is a better mousepad you can use especially if you like to play all kinds of shooter because aside from what I shared, it also has quite mobility that can lock your mouse or any style. Plus, whatever mouse it is, office or gaming mouse, won’t matter and will fit with Corsair MM400. It may have a higher price than the other mousepads similar with Corsair MM400’s features, but seriously, this is worth-buying and can last a lifetime if you would just take care and won’t overuse.

Since there will always be a flaw in every products, Corsair MM400 has sharp edges (though I got used to it as time went by) that could affect your comfortability, control and speed during gaming. So if you are still confused and hesitates on buying this, I would freely recommend to you the COUGAR GAMING MOUSEPAD – Speed Series. You can choose your desired size there, “Speed L, Speed M, Speed S”, has a smooth surface, anti-slip rubber base, and has a lower price than Corsair MM400.

But before I tell you my last words (HAHA!), Corsair MM400 is a better choice. Keep in mind its construction and quality this mousepad delivers in terms of the aforementioned increased accuracy and detection! Corsair mm400 may be simple, but this is highly effective. Indeed.

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