Best Pen For Lefties- The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide (2018)

Best Pen For Lefties 2018

It is a real challenge for left-handed people to find a good pen on this right-handed world. In terms of handwriting, some of the common problems of lefties are covered-up writing, scratchy letters and smudging. Lefties’ hands move across the line of writing naturally thus smudging the ink. Although numerous left-handed individuals have come up with techniques to improve these matters, it can sometimes cause them writing strain.

Normally, right-handed people pull their pens in smooth motions toward the right, leaving a trail of untouched fresh ink behind their writing hand. On the other hand, lefties have to push their pens from left to right. This requires them to press their pen harder, which tends to be uncomfortable and can also force the writing pad to foul the pen’s writing tip. Meanwhile, the ink gets smudged as the leftie’s hand drags over it.

Currently, educational institutions are teaching kids a handful of ways to avoid creating this mess, but it would be really helpful if you have a pen specifically made with your left hand in mind. Clearly, two of the most important things left-handed people need in a best pen for lefties are the following:

  • Quick-drying ink to prevent any smear.
  • Flows as smoothly as possible as lefties tend to press a bit harder when they are writing.

There are also special pens offering lefties grip to lessen their hand strain. With all of these in mind, we have come up with a guide and a list of the best pest pens for lefties to buy in order to end your quest of finding the right pen (no pun intended) to suit your writing needs.

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Maped Helix USAMaped VisioMaped Visio | Left Handed Nibs Calligraphy 8.3 x 0.5 x 4.30.32Check Price
Uni-ballUni-Ball Jetstream RTUni-ball Jetstream RT Review | Left Handed Pens No Smudge1 x 1 x 125.6Check Price
ParkerParker Urban Black And Gold Fountain PenParker Urban Fountain Pen Matte Black Gold Trim | Left Handed Pens1.9 x 8.1 x 10.214.9Check Price
ParkerParker Urban Premium Ebony Metal Chiseled Fountain PenParker Urban Premium Ebony Metal Chiseled, Fountain Pen | Left Handed Fountain Pen7 x 2 x 1.54.2Check Price

Zebra Sarasa 4 J4J1 0.5mm 4C Emulsion Ink Ballpoint PensZebra SARASA 4 J4J1 0.5mm 4C Emulsion Ink Ballpoint Pens | Best Pen For Left Handers1x1.5x120Check Price

Comprehensive Review Of The Best Pen For Lefties

1. Maped Visio– Best for Posture

Maped Visio | Left Handed Nibs Calligraphy

The Maped Left-Handed Vision pen is the latest offering from the popular French family-owned company focused on product development for schools for more than 60 years. They have researched the usage and requirements of left-handers to come up with a range of pens, scissors and other school equipment designed to provide left-handed people with a boost in confidence in writing and ease of use. The company has analyzed the writings of lefties as well as their other motor skills to come up with these products.

The Maped Visio features an off-center tip and hooked neck allowing left-handed individuals to clearly see what they are writing as well as reduce the chances of smearing as their fingers are further away from the pen’s tip. In addition, it also comes with a triangular shape ergonomically designed soft touch grip area where the thumb and finger indentations are placed to encourage the proper writing grip for left-handers. Thanks to this design, Lefties do not need to practice the hook writing style which can strain the wrist, and it also helps the posture for writing longer periods without experiencing pain.

Moreover, the non-smudge quick-drying ink gives this best pen for lefties a smoother ink flow for an easy writing experience without the need to skip when pushed across the paper by lefties.

Although the Maped Visio comes with and ergonomic design, there are still users who can not seem to find a comfortable way to hold the pen even after they have managed to grip it. There’s also an issue where you need to scribble for a while to get the ink flowing.


  • Off-center tip and hook neck to better see what you are writing.
  • An ergonomic design, triangular soft-touch grip for correct writing posture.
  • Non-smudge quick-drying ink to reduce smearing.
  • Very smooth flow.


  • The curve tends to be uncomfortable for some lefties no matter which way to grip or turn the pen.
  • Ink is mediocre.
  • Comes in limited colors (available only in black, red and blue).

Left-handed kids will be happy with the Maped Visio’s design, though the company needs to come up with a variety of colors. However, this pen may not be suitable for older lefties looking for a pen to use for writing long pages because of the comfort issues with its grip. But overall, it is a good left-handed pen for everyday use.

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2. Uni-Ball Jetstream RT– Best Affordable Lefties Pen
Uni-ball Jetstream RT Review | Left Handed Pens No Smudge

If you are looking for an affordable best pen for lefties that offers smooth writing, fast drying ink and will not indelibly bleed, feather or skip as well as provides a good ink flow, the Unli-Ball Jetstream RT is the one for you.

This pen for left-handed people provides an addicting smoothness for a retractable ballpoint pen. It features a distinct hybrid ink combining fast-drying components of ballpoint pens with the smoothness of gel inks. The help reduce smearing, the ink penetrates the paper easily while providing you with vivid and crisp lines. Furthermore, the Jetstream RT has accents of stainless steel and an embossed grip giving this pen for left-handers a style statement that’s rather unparalleled. Similar to most unli-ball pens, it also comes with the uni Super Ink. This ink is pigment-based containing particles that form a permanent bond in papers, so it cannot be broken and protects it against water.

However, not everything is perfect in this world. One of the drawbacks of the Jetstream RT according to some users is that it can be unreliable at times providing inconsistent line thickness and tend to give out after minimal use in normal conditions. Its ink also fades as if it’s running out after just about a few uses. In addition, it does not work well with glossy papers at all.


  • Delivers clean and fast writing.
  • The ink dries quickly to help minimize any smudging under your ideas, making it ideal for lefties.
  • Uni Super Ink feature that protects against fraud, fading and water.
  • Pigment-based ink that bonds in papers indelibly.


  • Ink starts to fade quickly as if the pen was running out after minimal usage even if there is still a lot of ink left on the pen.
  • A noticeable rough writing.
  • Some users have experienced overflow of ink that stays wet for a long time.

The Uni-Ball Jestream RT is available in numerous colors and sizes and it is one of the best pens for lefties today at an affordable price for taking notes on meetings or at school. Its pigment-based ink is great as it sinks into the pages, making it even harder to wash away, thus preventing any fraud. The only problem most users encountered with this left-handed pen is that since the ink dries up too quickly, it will start to fade even if there’s still plenty of ink left.

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3. Parker Urban Black And Gold Fountain Pen– Best For Long Periods Of Writing

Parker Urban Fountain Pen Matte Black Gold Trim | Left Handed Pens
The Parker Urban Gold and Black Fountain Pen features a metal and plastic design and a good enough wait to make long periods of writing comfortable. Similar to the older Parker Urban stys, it still has the shape curve but in a much more professional and subtle way. It comes with different varieties of colors aside from the black and gold combination. Moreover, the simple cap of this best pen for lefties snap with a solid click. It also comes with a modern clip that took inspiration from the Parker Arrow and you can easily clip it onto your pocket as it’s not too tight.

The curved design of the Parker Urban Fountain Pen gives it a modern bold look. In addition, its unusual bullet shape allows for perfect balance and weight. And for superior durability and resistance, the nib is crafted from stainless steel as well as designed to offer left-handers the best writing angle.

The real star of this fountain pen is the nib, which is quite small and has a very robust pentagon shape. Parker even gave it a decorative crisscrossing etchings for a modern and yet professional touch. Another notable characteristic of the Parker Urban is the incredible writing experience it provides. The nib writes very effortlessly and smoothly for a highly comfy writing experience. You can write nonstop for a couple of hours and feel little to no exhaustion.

The main downside of this pen is its price. Although it’s not exactly that expensive, there are other Parker pens that can provide the same performance at a lower price point.


  • Nib is a fairly wet and smooth writer.
  • It has a solid cap with a nice weight that feels substantial.
  • Features a tapered design that comfortably sits in the hands of lefties, posted and unposted.


  • Price may be a bit expensive to some people.
  • The matte finish rubs off easily and a still a bit slick.
  • According to some users it stopped working properly after a few months of use even after clearing out the nib and replacing the cartridges.

The Parker Urban Fountain pen will blow any left-handers away with how good it writes. It’s a well-constructed pen for all-around use and is definitely worth the price tag.

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4. Parker Urban Premium Ebony Metal Chiseled Fountain Pen– Best Modern Pen For Modern Lifestyle

Parker Urban Premium Ebony Metal Chiseled, Fountain Pen | Left Handed Fountain Pen
The Parker Urban Premium fountain pen range are directional, daring and dynamic as well as represents the company’s new generation of design combined with the traditional silhouette of pendulum for a unique feel and look. This best pen for lefties features a chiseled motif finish that’s truly eye-catching, bringing to mind a cityscape from the 21st century, making it a great accessory to bring with you anywhere you go.

Combining art with an ergonomic design for an unusual bullet shape, the Parker Urban Premium Ebony Metal Chiseled Fountain Pen redefines what modern writing is all about. It’s a nice fountain pen with a steel nib that although it can be really stiff, it does offer a little flex to it when applied with certain pressure. Furthermore, it provides a smooth writing experience once you get used to it. You may experience a little skip problem at first, but otherwise, it will continue to write without any problems.


  • It features the Lubriglide technology for lifelong writing comfort and performance.
  • You can fit it with the ink converter of Parker.
  • Stainless steel nib for superior durability and resistance.
  • The curved design is elegant and enhance with chiseled asymmetrical pattern.


  • Some users complain of ink not flowing through the fountain pen continuously. There are times that it would stop as well.
  • It is a bit expensive compare to the other on this list that gives a better performance.
  • May not flow smoothly on some left-hander’s writing style.

The Parker Urban Premium Ebony Metal Chiseled Fountain Pen is beautifully designed with glistening accents of plated chrome and a wider section for its metallic grip. It offers lefties with a strong impression while writing. It is a quality modern fountain pen designed with performance in mind and engineered to excite both left-handed and right-handed writers. However, it does have some major issues when it comes to ink flow, and that is something worth considering before buying this best pen for lefties, as it does have a steep price tag.

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5. Zebra Sarasa 4 J4J1 0.5mm 4C Emulsion Ink Ballpoint Pens– Best Multi Colored Pen

Zebra SARASA 4 J4J1 0.5mm 4C Emulsion Ink Ballpoint Pens | Best Pen For Left Handers
Left-handers can never have enough ballpoint pens. There are plenty of options on the market today, and finding the perfect one can be daunting. Although, you may not love the Zebra Sarasa 4 J4J1 0.5mm Emulsion Ink Ballpoint Pen at first sight, it will won you over after a few uses.

There are a handful of things that make this multi-colored best pen for lefties great, one of that is how it feels in your hand when it writes. If you’re used to other left-handed pens, you may be thinking that all ballpoint pens must write just like that. However, the Zebra Sarasa J4J1 is different, which is a good thing.

This 0.55mm emulsion in ballpoint pen provides lefties with more feedback when they are writing. It also writes smoothly, but when writing on a page, you will feel extra texture. It may take you a few uses to take this all in. And though you may not like it a first, but you will eventually start to enjoy that different feel.

Moreover, it will not affect your writing performance as this gel pen writes really well, but when you are moving across the page, it just delivers a more solid performance. The Zebra Sarasa J4J1 is highly comfortable and lightweight. Thanks to Zebra’s Rapid Ink technology, its ink dries in less than one second making writing on all types of common surfaces easy. It also produce penmanship and lines that are free of smear, making it ideal for lefties.


  • The gel ink is sleek and silky smooth.
  • Water resistant.
  • It’s a multi-colored ballpoint pen which you can use according to the 4 colors. A simple press and it will smoothly transition to the color you want to use.
  • A strong clip that opens wide.


  • It’s an average ballpoint pen.
  • Gel ink tends to dry out.
  • There are user complains about the nibs seeming a bit scratchy.

The Zebra Sarasa J4J1 works really well. It’s a great everyday ballpoint that writes smoothly. Although, it’s your typical pen, what makes it stand out from the rest is the different feel it provides the users, which is a good thing on this case.

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Choosing The Right Pen If You Are A Left Handed Person

Some pens are made particularly to suit lefties, while there are some that were specifically designed for left-hand use. Ink formulations have advanced and we are seeing more and more fast-drying ink on the market today. There are even water-based gel ink that dries on almost all surfaces so fast that any left-hander can write confidently without any smears.

Furthermore, there are also best pens for lefties that smoothly glides across the paper to make every day writing easier.  Pens with a fast drying time and smooth writing may seem contradictory, but there are some that remarkably balance these conflicting demands.

  • Left-handed Fountain Pens. Using a fountain is a big challenge for left-handed people because its nib is cut generally for right-handed individuals. Only a handful of brands manufacture nibs specially designed for lefties. These nibs are cut in the opposite direction.
  • Pens with Ergonomic Design. An ergonomically designed pen encourages a much better writing position. Some pens even come with a unique triangular shape so lefties can hold the, within a good distance from their nibs. While there are those with a kink to act as support for the fingers.
  • Pens with Quick-Drying Ink. This is necessary in order to prevent unnecessary smudging.
  • Ballpoint Pens. These pens are great for everyday use. These are the best choice for lefties as they do not smear much.
  • Rollerball Pens. These multi-surface pens are also good on paper and completely dries in less than 5 seconds. It’s a versatile pen that offers a smooth enough writing experience.
  • Retractable Fountain Pens. This type of pain can be a little uncomfortable for lefties. Some left-handers need to grip over its clip to be able to get the proper angle and grip, which isn’t ideal. It’s important to look for a retractable fountain pen with consistent grip barrels, whether it be ridged or smooth to that you can angle or twist it as needed.
  • Calligraphy Pens. You can find calligraphy pens and sets designed with lefties in mind. Some features Italic nibs with a flat edge angled in the opposite direction to help you achieve the suitable angle.

Make sure to test drive any pen before making your purchase, or if possible, borrow one from a leftie like you. If it’s not an available option, check out first the company or online shop’s return policy.

Helpful Writing Supplies and Accessories for Lefties

If you want to be more comfortable in your writing, avoid the regular wire-bound notebook that usually digs into your wrist. Opt for a notebook with a lay-flat binding, a top-bound notebook or those made especially for left-handed where the binding is on the right side. Moreover, there are also quick-drying notebooks which come with papers which are more absorbent allowing inks to dry quicker.

Some lefties see some improvements from switching to leftie-friendly products, but are not quite satisfied. If you don’t want to say goodbye to your current writing tools just yet, supplement them with appropriate accessories to provide a solution to your specific writing challenges.

For example, if you smear your writing a lot, you can protect your hand and writing with a smudge guard glove. This glove cover one or two of your fingers that touches the writing pad to keep your hand clean as you write. In addition, these gloves can also minimize smearing as it absorbs excess graphite and ink.

Handwriting Tips For Lefties

Left-handed individuals may find it more challenging to learn to write for numerous reasons. Majority of languages are written in the left to right progression, favoring right handers. Writing from left to right with a right-hand makes it easier for every letter that has been written to be seen. In addition, right-handed people do not need to worry about smeared ink since their hand moves naturally away from the drying ink as they continue to write.

Lefties often utilize a combination of one of the three variations of hand positions when writing.

  • Overwriting. The most common writing technique used by lefties, often to try to imitate right-hand writing.
  • Sidewriting. A rare style that keeps the hand of lefties parallel with their writing. This writing style pushes the nib across the page more compared to other styles.
  • Underwriting. This style offers the least possibility of nib and smearing problems.

There are plenty of ways to improve a left-hander’s hand writing and practicing will make everything more comfortable and feel natural. Here are several tips to help you.

  • The correct placement of paper. Just like with right-handers, lefties should position the paper where writing would be easier. Although each person has their own personal preference, the most ideal position is with the paper’s top pointing at around 20 degrees to the right. This allows for lefties to position their hand more naturally without the need to hook their hand to what they’ve just written.
  • Posture and pen position. The pen’s movement is one of the main differences between left-handers and right-handers. It’s ideal for lefties to hold their pen around 1 inch from the tip and resting their pen on top part of their middle finger in order for writing to be more natural. The index finger and thumb should grip the pen loosely, while the wrist is straight and elbow bent.
  • Practice makes perfect. If for some reason you have to switch to using your left hand to write, you’ll be learning to write like it’s your first time. It is recommended to start with each letter in the alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase before hitting the words or sentences. Once you get used to this new writing technique, you can start your cursive training session.
  • Use the appropriate type of pen. The pen type you will choose will play a major factor in your handwriting style. You can choose from 3 major categories; fountain, ballpoint and rollerball. In general, finer nib size lets ink dry quicker, so this is the most recommended for lefties as you will less likely smear your writing. You can also develop a handwriting style to avoid smearing the lines you’ve already written.

Let’s Sum It All Up!

What makes the best pen for lefties is not its price tag, but its performance and the comfort it provides the users. Always drive test a pen and consider where you will be using it the most before making any purchase to ensure you will get value for money. Online reviews are helpful and will guide you through your quest, but nothing beats a hands-on experience. But if you are planning on purchasing online, make sure to read the returns policy of the retailer thoroughly to avoid wasting your money.

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