Best Mousepad For CSGO (April 2018)- Buyer’s Guide

Best Mousepad For CSGO Review

As a gamer, you may not need a gaming mousepad to be good, and your mouse may be one of the most important pieces of hardware you should be investing in, but choosing the best mousepad for csgo can make any session of long gaming more convenient and comfortable. Keep in mind that, gaming mouse have been designed to work well with precision and speed via an optical sensor. Throughout the years, advancement has been made to these optical sensors, but they have also been created to be more consistent and reliable through the use of mousepads.

Earlier mousepads were less adaptable and versatile since older mouses are required to have certain types of surfaces to be efficient. Today however, they are highly advanced and you can find a wide range of mousepads in all sorts of shapes and sizes that come with a variety of extra features and textures as well.

The right gaming mousepad can take your game playing experience into a whole different level. The improvement it can give to your gaming can be huge also. In terms of key difference amongst various gaming mousepads, it is quite hard to measure as these differences are very small. There is no doubt that there is a difference between a gaming mousepad designed for control and those that are created with speed in mind, but within their exact areas, the difference is rather small.

If you are on the market for a good gaming mousepad that will suit your needs for gaming, we have listed the top 5 gaming mousepads today. In addition, our guide will help you choose the best mousepad for your fps games depending on your preferred style, material, comfort and budget.

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SteelSeriesQck Gaming Mousepad12.6 inches10.6 inches0.6 inches1.4 poundsCheck Price
CorsairMM40013.9 inches10.9 inches0.1 inches0.06 poundsCheck Price
RazerFirefly Chroma Hard13.9 inches10.05 inches0.1 inches0.98 poundsCheck Price
HyperXFury S Pro15.8 inches17.7 inches0.15 inches1.32 poundsCheck Price
CorsairMM60014.2 inches12.04 inches0.5 inches1.8 poundsCheck Price

In Depth Review Of The Best Mousepad For CSGO

1. SteelSeries Qck Heavy Gaming Mousepad– Best For C0mpetitive Gaming

SteelSeries Qck Heavy Gaming Mousepad Review | What Is The Best Mousepad For CSGO

Measuring at 450mm W x 400 H x 6mm thick, the SteelSeries QcK Heavy Gaming Mouse Pad is made from cloth material of high quality, giving users with a consistent and precise glide. It features a generous non-slip foam rubber base preventing it from sliding, no matter which surface you placed it on. It also features a tremendously heavy thickness which provides a one of a kind unique feeling that you can’t find in every 6mm thick mousepad.

The mousepad comes in a completely black color with a small logo of SteelSeries on the bottom left hand part. One thing worth noting is that since the pad is rolled up inside its box packaging, it may take a while for some to straighten it out, especially its edges which may keep curling up. And although the cloth is of high quality, it may be a bit difficult to keep it clean in the long run.

However, the SteelSeries QcK Heavy Mouse Pad thus comes with an extremely smooth surface and your mouse will flew over it with so much ease. The pad’s thickness helps in making the surface rather spongy and its rubber base works really well on wooden desk.


  • Smooth glide and comfortable to use.
  • It comes with a good price point.
  • Made up of high-quality cloth.


  • It can look quite plain to some people who likes their gaming mousepad to have a bit of a personality.
  • Cloth may not be everyone’s favorite choice of mousepad material as it is a bit difficult to clean.

A rather accomplished pad, the SteelSeries QcK Heavy Gaming Mouse Pad combines a smooth and sleek top surface with a rubber underside in order to accomplish a great performance for both general use and gaming. The fact that it is made from cloth makes it very comfortable to use. It is hard to find a fault on this mouse pad, but perhaps an extra aesthetics and style would not hurt it.  But you cannot go wrong with any black gaming mouse pad and at its price point, it is too simply too good to take a pass on.

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2. Corsair MM400 High Performance Mousepad At Just The Right Price

Corsair MM400 Review | Best Mouse PadThe Corsair MM400 may not be one of the most popular mousepads out there, but it is a highly regarded in the gaming community. The MM400 is Corsair mouse pads’ high-speed variety. It features a stylish design with a smooth surface and a good choice whether you are just after a comfortable mouse mat or you want an additional edge in the fast-paced FPS.

The surface of Corsair MM400 may be a little rough to your touch, but it is not harsh on the skin. It is also comfortable enough for your wrist to rest on while you’re holding a mouse and sliding it around. In addition, it comes with a matte finish that gives it a smooth surface resulting in the pad barely sticking against the skin.

Your mouse will glide fast and smoothly on its surface and you only need little to no effort in pushing it into motion. Furthermore, although it is faster and may take some time to get used to, it is very accurate. However, any lack of friction does comes with a little issue with regards to control. The slick plastic may feel great to some but it will not help stop the mouse like with a cloth mouse pad would.

If you are a hardcore gamer, you may have some trouble using the MM400 in fast-paced games such as shooters. But with a bit of tweaks in its settings and a little practice, you will be as precise in no time. If you want to counter the smooth surface, you can try to lower down its sensitivity a little.


  • It is the perfect size, it is not too big or too small.
  • It is very sturdy and incredibly smooth.
  • It will look good with any setup you have.


  • It is more expensive compared to other mouse pads.
  • Its edges are rough.
  • It may be too slick for some gamers.

The Corsair MM400 is stunning and it is just the right size. The matte black finish is simply stylish and will basically work with any kind of setup. Some may prefer not to have any logos on their hardware, but the logo of Corsair is fairly unobtrusive as it is placed at the pad’s bottom part and the size is conservative as well. The MM400 is great for both non-gamers and gamers. It provides users with a whole new comfort level to any mouse you will use. Although, it may take a day or two to get used to it, but once you do, your mouse will simply glide across it and your whole setup will be upgraded as well. Its edges are rough, but if that does not bother you, then it will not be an issue at all.

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3. Razer Firefly Chroma Hard– Pure Luxury Gamng Pad

Razer Firefly Chroma Hard ReviewThe Razer Fly Chroma Hard Mouse Pad comes in at the medium-sized category of mouse pads at 10in x 14in. Although it is made from hard plastic, it does give have that minor give when you bend it. So unlike a cloth mouse pad, you will not be able to just fold it and take it with you to a LAN party. It is your normal mousepad for hard gaming lined with LED’s on its three sides. Because of this, the Razer Firefly is the first ever mouse pad we have seen so far to come with system requirements. Although it is not that much, but some may find it a bit strange for a mouse pad to need a 100MB disk space for drivers and a USB port.

Just like Razer’s Chroma-certified gears, the mouse pad is capable of 16.8 million color output as per its product sheet. However, its back has no lighting and has a lump in its middle where the pad’s cable is linked. You can customize the lighting by downloading the Razer Synapse software where in you can choose from 5 different lighting effects.

The top part of pad is designed with a micro texture and finished with plastic, while its bottom part is made from an anti-slip rubber material. The Razer FireFly is comparatively thin at 4mm compared to thicker cloth mouse mats, which is impressive if you will consider the fact that the pad is jam-packed with LED lights.


  • Very easy to wipe and clean. You can even use a damp cloth.
  • It features the Chroma spectrum lighting technology.
  • It comes with a hard surface especially made for gaming.


  • It requires power if you want to utilize the lighting effects.
  • You cannot fold it like regular mousepads.
  • The lump at the back is not attractive at all and can be annoying when you are engrossed in your game.
  • It is quite pricey for a mousepad.

Without a doubt the Razer Firefly Chroma will look cool on any desk and offers some fantastic features aside from being a normal gaming mousepad. Thanks to the Chroma lighting technology, you can light it up in all possible colors and you can even sync your gaming setup with the help of Razer’s software. Furthermore, the mouse pad has some practical uses too as it is roomy and its surface enhances precision, feel and speed as well as easy to use and clean. However, you can find a great mousepad for a much lower price and LED lights does not necessarily help speed up your mouse’s response time.

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4. HyperX Fury S Pro– A Versatile Pro Gaming Mousepad

Hyper X Fury Pro Review | steelseries qck heavy + gaming mouse pad

The HyperX Fury S Pro Gaming Mouse Pad comes in 4 sizes (S, M, L and XL). It is made from high-quality natural rubber and fabric to ensure that it is very comfortable to use. Moreover, all mousepads come with free tech support and a 2 year warranty, which is really nice.

The Fury S Pro comes in a calm black color and its appearance is certainly influenced by HyperX. The textured rubber base ensures users that it will not slide around while they are playing and is a bit on the thicker side at 3mm. In addition, since it is made from fabric, the Fury S Pro’s edges are stitched, thus preventing any fraying increasing its life. According to the company, this mousepad was designed with improving optical tracking in mind and this was achieved through the mouse pad’s tightly woven fabric resulting in your mouse sliding relatively well.

The top part of the pad is very smooth to your touch, but has the material feel that’s not about to war out for a long time. You can use this mouse pad in a wide array of games from real-time strategy to shooters and you will get a good performance from it. In addition, it will also work well when used for non-gaming stuff like internet surfing and Photoshop. Aside from being quite comfortable to use, it may also help you increase your overall stability, control and accuracy when playing your favorite games.


  • Very comfortable to use when playing games for long periods of time.
  • Accurate, flexible and durable.
  • Very easy to transport and carry around.


  • The underside is quite sticky.
  • It has a tendency to roll up since it lack rigidity, but it does come with a thicker version which is good for long term play as it will not roll up that much.

The HyperX Fury S Pro will definitely meet all your expectations on a gaming mouse pad, if not exceed them. Your mouse will effortlessly glide over its surface while providing your palm with a soft cushion. This will no doubt reduce any fatigue from your hand and wrist, especially when you are using your PC for longer periods of time.

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5. Corsair MM600– Dual-Sided Gaming Pad For Serious Gamers

Corsair MM600 Review | zowie gsr

The Corsair MM600 comes a big sheet of aluminum metal that is aircraft-grade. The mousepad is relatively large at 352mm x 272mm x 5mm, but it is not over-sized compare to other models from Corsair. Its metal part is 3mm deep but is pushed up to 5mm by the its corners with rubber. The MM600 is durable enough for lap use when you are on the couch or elsewhere and it will not slide around on your desk because of the rubber covers on the pad’s corners. The mousepad will hold its place no matter which side you opt to use thanks to the rubber corners.

So why does this mouse pad comes with a couple of usable sides? It is because each side functions differently. You can use one side for speed and the other one for precision. Each side differ from the other so you will not have a hard time telling them apart even at one look. The side for speed comes with a horizontal design pattern of several shapes of gray, evoking an image of something quickly moving from side to side. The texture is very mild and lets your mouse move freely and quickly. However, this side show the grease of your hand compared to the other side.

On the other hand, the precision side does not have the gray pattern, but comes with the company’s logo and yellow stripes at its bottom part. The design looks classier and more professional, but may look less exciting for some users. This side features a texture that is more pronounced, and although it enables a superior degree of fine control, it will not stop quick movements as well.


  • You can choose between two types of surface for different type of gaming environment.
  • You can move your mouse easily at the speed side.
  • The precision side offers outstanding control.


  • It may not be suitable for people who are always traveling because of the hard side.
  • The price tag is a bit higher.

The Corsair MM600 does not come cheap, but it is worth it. This mousepad comes with features that will please just about all sorts of gamer. It has a reversible design that lets you switch between a rough surface and a smooth one by simply flipping the mat over. FPS players can easily glide around it with ease, while those strategy players can slowly move their mouse and those gamer who play numerous genres can change back and forth.

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How To Choose A Gaming Mousepad Wisely

Should I Get a Smooth or Textured Mouse Pad?

Is there any big difference when you run your optical or laser mouse on a textured or smooth mouse pad? The decision you have to make will depend greatly on what kind of games you mostly play. For example, if you are more into playing FPS or first-person shooter games, you may want to opt for smoother mouse pads since it will require for quicker reaction times. Nevertheless, a mouse mat with a moderate texture can provide you with more control for stuff like sniping when your main priority is precision.

Ideally, mouse mats for overall gaming balances roughness and smoothness with micro or medium textures perfectly while still providing you with resistance without the need to sacrifice speed.

Mouse Pad Sizes

A standard mouse pad is about 7.9in x 9.8in. But if you want the best gaming mousepad, go for much larger one that is more appropriate for preforming a wide array of movements, which is a very important element in terms of PC gaming. You will get more room for playing games, providing you with a larger surface space to work off while you are attacking or moving in-game. You also have options of mouse mats which are along enough to house a full keyboard and mouse as well.

If you want something that looks great aesthetic wise while still providing you with a lot of room to move like a professional gamer, opt for an extra-large mouse pad which measures around 36in x 12in which may be worth the extra price. But if you are just a casual gamer or don’t have ample space, then you can find a lot of mid-sized mousepads available on the market that will not just save you space but will also meet your style and functionality requirements.

Mouse Pad Materials

The first think you need to think about when choosing what material would best suit your preference, is whether you want a soft or hard mouse pad surface, or perhaps something in between.

Mousepads made from cloth are a favorite amongst gamers since they typically offer a modest glide speed that provides them with better control over their mouse movements. A lower glide speed means that your capacity to stop immediately will be increased, which is an essential factor for some game genres. Moreover, cloth or fabric mats are more comfortable and softer. So they are a good choice if you like to spend longer periods of time in massive multiplayer online or MMO games or during LAN parties.

Mousepads that comes with a hard surface are normally made from an array of robust materials like rubber, plastic or aluminum. These mouse mats will work well for gamers who are after plenty of speed and with the capability to perform fast mouse movements, particularly when they are playing real-time strategy or multiple online battle arena games. Hard mousepads feature a stiff surface which allows users to move their mouse faster across the mouse pad with lesser drag time. Nevertheless, precisely stopping the mouse can be hard if the games you’re playing do not need that much sensitivity.

Extra Features to Lookout For

Aside from a gaming mousepad’s size, material and type, the best mousepad for csgo ones may also come with a range of unique features that’s both useful and interesting as well, which include the following:

  • Lighting effects that you can customize. Mousepads come in different colors, but if you want to achieve the utmost personalization, go for a mousepad that lets you change and choose colors to correspond with your mood.
  • If you love spending a lot of time playing games as well as browsing or working on your PC, you will need a mouse mat that can take up plenty of abuse like water damage and accidental spills.

Thickness. Most of the time, mousepads come in a variety of thickness, normally ranging from as thin as 3mm to as thick as 6mm or over. Basically, mouse pads that are thicker are more comfortable to use, but thinner pads tend to lighter and neater.



Having the best mousepad for csgo and any gaming setup is very important. It can have a great deal of impact on your comfort level as well as the efficiency and smoothness of the movements of your mouse. Even if you have already bought the best wireless mouse, gaming keyboard or gaming mouse, finding the best mousepad for your fps game and your need can make a difference in any gamer’s full gaming experience.


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