Best Fidget Spinners (Feb. 2018)- Buyer’s Guide

best fidget spinners

At first, fidget toys and spinners were overlooked but it seems like more and more people are beginning to learn the importance and popularity these small toys. And these days, they are common in classrooms, at the doctors’ waiting lobby, in offices or anywhere where there’s the need to control anxiety and enhance concentration. It’s amazing how these tiny toys play a significant role in the human psychology by influencing our thoughts, reducing nervousness and helping us relax. What’s more, they assist us to exploit our untapped brain capabilities. It’s no wonder anyone who’s new to them will throw you a plethora of questions: Which are the best fidget spinners in the market? Where do I get a spinner or fidgeter?

This new craze is trending virtually everywhere from offices to classrooms and you would ask yourself why some teachers are against the fidget spinner.

Where Did These Fidget Spinners Come From?

These purported fidget toys were originally designed by doctors to assist kids with autism develop fine motor skills as well as other special education needs.

Then only sometime ago, the market saw a new range of ‘fidget spinners’  created for stressed office staff who would instead spin pens  or bite their finger nails.

Fidget spinners are incredible toys and learning tools cost only a few dollars, the expensive types sell for over $400. But one may ask; why this huge difference in price? And the most reasonable response is;

Just like any other product fidgets toys have different design, shape, and lastly, the power of the brand name behind the design which all collectively lead to variation in prices.

Are you in a rush? Check this table for quick review.

TYZESTTYZEST Spinner Fidget EDC ADHDCeramic BearingsCopper3Check Price
FidgeteerFidget Spinner Black Gold StreetHybrid Ceramic BearingsSteel3Check Price
MermakerMermaker Best Fidget Spinner ToyFidget Spinner Steel BearingCopper3Check Price
ZekproThe Anti-Anxiety 360 SpinnerFidget Spinner Steel BearingTitanium Fidget Spinners3Check Price
HolisouseHolisouse 2 Pack Tri- Spinner Hand Fidget SpinnerHybrid Ceramic BearingBrass Fidget Spinners4Check Price
Raging Fidget SpinnersRaging Fidget SpinnersHybrid Ceramic BearingCopper3Check Price
iGearProiGearPro Best Red Copper Fidget SpinnerHybrid Ceramic BearingCopper3Check Price
Maxboost6-sided Maxboost Fidget CubeFidget Spinner Steel BearingBrass Fidget Spinners4Check Price
FinewayFidget Spinner Rainbow Hand SpinnerHybrid Ceramic BearingCopper2Check Price
AtomixATOMIX Mini Fidget Hand SpinnerFidget Spinner Steel BearingTitanium Fidget Spinners3Check Price


In Depth Review Of The Best Fidget Spinners

1. TYZEST Spinner Fidget EDC ADHD– For Full Time Toy Spinners

TYZEST Spinner Fidget EDC ADHD Review

The TYZEST Spinner Fidget EDC ADHD is one of the best with a 3 to 8 Minute Spin duration. The toy is made from 100% top quality red copper material. It has fast rotation, good gravity and boasts of long-lasting bearings made of ceramic stainless steel hybrid. On top of that, these bearings can be replaced by their own demolition.

It is a perfect toy for fidgeters and anyone can spin and flick it for several hours using a single or both hands. The TYZEST Spinner Fidget EDC ADHD is useful in focusing, reducing anxiety, ADHD, autism. It’s also the ultimate toy for staying awake and quitting bad habits.


  • Always take care of your kids when using it.
  • Average Spins.
  • High quality Aluminum.
  • Ceramic stainless steel hybrid Bearings.
  • The body is made of 100% Aluminum material CNC, fast rotation, No jitter, No noise, Hardness.
  • Great for Anxiety, ADHD, focusing, Autism, and Staying Awake.
  • Small, simple and easy to Carry, Small, Simple.


  • The smell of the copper material used in its body parts is sometimes unbearable to users with sensitive sense of smell.

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2. Fidget Spinner Black Gold Street– Small, Lightweight And Portable, You Can Carry Anywhere!

Fidget Spinner Black Gold Street Review

You can spin the Fidget Spinner Black Gold Street by simply holding on either side of the center by using one finger while spinning with the other hand. Regular practice will allow you to use one of your hands only.

For you to use a spinner on a table surface, you have to press it at the center to make sure its stable while concurrently spinning it. Once you let it go, the spinner will still proceed. The Fidget is expected to spin for about two minutes.


  • Cuts across all ages- this fidget is used both by adults and children .It does not exclude any age bracket. The Fidget is small and very light. It weighs about 54 grams only. Its size allows it to slot easily into bags and pockets. It is very portable it is just like a cellphone hence you can travel with it.
  • It is durable- fidgets are made from highly durable plastics. Fidgets are not printed in 3D. They contain hybrid ceramic bearings that make spinning smooth hence great performance.
  • It is well balanced- the fidget is a properly balanced spinner. Its concave center cap sits comfortably on any finger. This makes perform tricks simple. It is a distinct spinner unlike others which come with flat caps. Spinning with a flat cap spinner is possible with the use of two fingers. If you don’t use the two fingers it will slip off frequently.
  • It is fitted with fine bearings– the Fidget will complete two minutes comfortably while spinning. A hard spin may take it even longer than the two minutes. The bearings do tend to slow down during trick performance. Moreover, Fidget bearings have a warranty of a full year.


  • Always take care of your kids when using it.

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3. Mermaker Best Fidget Spinner Toy– Ideal For Quitting Smoking And Attention Disorders

Mermaker Best Fidget Spinner Toy Review

This fidget spinner is a small portable toy that you can carry from one place to another every day. They are available in various sizes and are made of different materials.

They can help you to stop undesirable habits like smoking and biting nails. When you feel the urge to smoke or nibble at your nails, simply pick the fidget spinner up and play carelessly with it. This will curb your bad habits slowly then later completely.

How to use the fidget spinner toy:

  •  Hold the spinner on one of your hands then spin it with the other hand. Spin the fidget by using small but constant strikes to retain it spinning indefinitely.
  •  With practice, you can start using one hand and the fingers of the other hand to only start and stop the spinning. These products will work best for people focusing on autism, remaining awake and abandoning bad habits.

The merits of The Fidget spinner toy are:


  • Best size-Its size is perfect for adults and children over a year old. Moreover, it fits to most pockets comfortably.
  • Long-lasting spin– Its spin goes for almost three minutes and it has good gravity. Rotates very fast.
  • High durability-This toy is user friendly since it has no repairs and maintenance needed. It is used right away as it is purchased.
  • It is an EDC focused toy-The Fidget spinner toy solves common problems like, smoking, anxiety and attention disorders.


  • Always take care of your kids when using it.

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4. The Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner– Best To Remove Stress

The Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner Review

We can only merit any spinner as one of the best by their ability to relieve anxiety. This is exactly what the Anti-Anxiety spinners do. Its features include:


  • Driving away anxiety- anxiety and distressful thoughts are a lifetime stress. They can track your life down. The Anti-Anxiety 360 spinner is a good toy to play with when you want to kill anxiety. For example, you can play with it when you are waiting to be attended to in any place including in an office.It keeps you calm irrespective of your situation or surrounding.
  • It is an excellent play toy- This toy can involve you with your family. You can compete with them on who is the best spinner. Your kids and you will enjoy the exercise. This game will enhance the concentration of your kids and as well, it will bond you together. It is still a good form of having fun.
  • It involves and awakens your mind- This toy will make you alert thus increasing your concentration levels at any given time. You will keep on concentrating whether you are at home, school, or even your work place. The 360 spinner will enable you develop new ideas as your brain will be busy throughout.
  • It is a friend to the pocket- The 360 spinner has a very smooth touch. It will be comfortable while at your pocket. Your hand will easily reach for it any time, sometimes even unknowingly. It will be right at your hand when you experience a little stress or anxiety.


  • Always take care of your kids when using it.

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5. Holisouse 2 Pack Tri- Spinner Hand Fidget Spinner– No Maintenance Needed

Holisouse 2 Pack Tri- Spinner Hand Fidget Spinner Review

This spinner is an injection made out of ABS plastic. It is strong and has an environmental friendly material that will provide a lifetime service to you which makes it one of the top fidgeteer. It does not break easily as it is not a 3D printed spinner.

Its hybrid ceramic center bearing facilitates a spin of about 3 minutes. It can glide very smoothly while in your hands. It has three additional bearings on its sides to balance its weight. These bearings provide the spinner with extra inertia for long spins. Each bearing on the sides gives off-center fidgeting fun.


  • It spins for long– It is assures you of three spinning minutes and above, which is at least three times those of other similar products.
  • Has great performance– This spinner is made out of ABS plastic. This material is very strong meaning the spinner is bound to last longer. This spinner has an enhanced finish, great strength and advanced shatter resistance.
  •  It dismisses anxiety– The level of fun you will receive from this incredible fidget toy will relieve your anxiety quickly. It will also postpone your stress as the moment is much pleasurable and it won’t allow distractions.
  • No repairs and maintenance required-You are able to start working with this toy as soon as you purchase.
  • It is portable– It is easy for you to carry the spinner anywhere and everywhere you are going. It simple to use and extremely light to carry it around. Lastly, it is fun to use it.


  • Always take care of your kids when using it.

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6. Raging Fidget Spinners– The Best Tester For “Who Spins The Longest”

Raging Fidget Spinners Review

These spinners have the best ceramic bearings that allow maximum spin time unlike the cheaper spinners. You might spend your leisure with your family to find who has a mastery of spinning. It pays; you will be so engrossed and at ease with the game, and your family will have fun. This is a simple and enjoyable game that will enhance the family bond as well as improving your kids’ focus. This accessory is of great aid to relieve tension.

The following are more features that make the raging fidgets as one of the most suitable fidget for you.


  • They have warranties offered by different companies at different duration.
  • These spinners offer you maximum spin time due to their finest stainless steel bearings unlike the cheap spinners.
  • They help to eliminate anxiety, Autism and bad habits like smoking.


  • Always take care of your kids when using it.

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7. iGearPro Best Red Copper Fidget Spinner– Maximum Durability, For Regular Users

iGearPro Best Red Copper Fidget Spinner Review

These spinners are richly made with exquisite weight and longer spin duration of up to five minutes. Well, if you think that’s not reason enough to say this is one of the outstanding twirly spinner, keep reading.
The iGearPro Best Red Copper Fidget Spinner will make you dig deep into your pocket due to the material used in its manufacture. But it is worth the expense. These spinners greatly substitute the cheaper versions that are usually prone to breakdowns. The distributors of these products always endeavor to give quick deliveries.

The following are the features that make the iGearPro spinners unique


  • They have friendly designs with quality metal frames with circular edges; and stabilizing material.
  • They are easy to handle. You simply hold and spin.
  • They are portable- can be easily carried around and bring fun as well as maintaining focus.
  • They are a guarantee for your satisfaction. However, in case you might be dissatisfied you can always contact the manufacturers. They will take action.


  • Always take care of your kids when using it.

Remember the following while using these fidgets:

  •  Leave an allowance of up to 2 cm
  • Color is used only for reference. Products’ specifications might be the same.
  • Avoid using water to clean. If the bearings come in contact with water they will experience more resistance and limit your speed.
  • After delivery it is best you confirm the seals of the products. In case it is broken you can contact the sellers.

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8. 6-sided Maxboost Fidget Cube– Finest Quality

6-sided Maxboost Fidget Cube Review

Do you fidget often? The 6-sided Maxboost is the best product for you. This fidget cube is made of quality plastic designed to relieve everyday’s anxiety and stress. If you are the itchy fingers type; the flicking, rolling, clicking or spinning type; this is definitely the product to go for.

The following are more features of the 6-sided Maxboost Fidget Cube;


  • It is easy to use; calming you and improving your focus all together. These fidget cubes are strong and long lasting. They are suitable for everyone, young and old alike.
  • They have six faces where you can do all your wallowing on, as well as achievement of control. Actually these are one of the best, aren’t they? Relieving all that stress.
  • They fit in the palm of an adult hence are easily carried around.
  • They have a one year warranty guaranteed to you.


  • Always take care of your kids when using it.

Check Price


9. Fidget Spinner Rainbow Hand Spinner– A Variety Of Playing Patterns

 Fidget Spinner Rainbow Hand Spinner Review

Even as we near the end, we can’t go without mentioning the Fidget Spinner Rainbow Hand Spinner. It is made of made of Zinc Alloy Material and the product will be last around 2-3 Minute after a slight spin. What’s more, this spinner has different playing patterns; you won’t get bored with a single spin the whole day. This makes it the ultimate anti-stress spinner featuring 6 playing patterns i.e. spin, press rub, roll, control and switch.

Other features of the Fidget Spinner Rainbow Hand Spinner include;


  • Fidget 360° Spinner, with one or both hands.
  • Stainless steel bearings, removable and replaceable.
  • Fast rotation.
  •  It has a variety of playing patterns.
  • Great for Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Staying Awake, Focusing, Quitting Bad Habits.
  • Easy to carry, small, simple, discrete and fun, also effective for Focus and deep thought.


  • Not to be washed by water; which is a common setback among most toy spinners.

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10. ATOMIX Mini Fidget Hand Spinner– Utmost  Concentration Power And Focus For Learners

 ATOMIX Mini Fidget Hand Spinner Review

To close our long list of top spinners is the ATOMIX Mini Fidget Hand Spinner. For the fidgeter who loves studying. They are also the right choice for both adults and children with autism. You can now stay awake even in long tiring drives without dozing off on your steering.

Ways to use it;

  • Use one hand to hold and the other hand to spin the spinner rapidly by striking gently and repeatedly to maintain its spin indefinitely.
  • You can also spin the spinner using one hand.  You will use your fingers to hold the spinner; and to start and stop spinning.

The following are the strengths of these spinners;


  • They enhance concentration power and focus.
  • Are best for children and adults with autism( trouble keeping focus).
  • They are good eliminators of stress and anxiety.
  • They are best substitutes for bad habits and can help you to stay awake during long drives.
  • They are the best for the restless type and all who are uneasy.


  • They are kind of noisy. Some may not mind the sound while others may easily be irritated by it.
  • The spinner slows down rather quickly. Lasting only for up to 45 seconds at most. However, you can add some bearing lube to prevent quick slow-downs.

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Buyer’s Guide- What To Look For?

A handheld Spinner is a small stress-relieving device with a simple design and has a variety of basic features you should learn about before trying one. With their increasing demand, every manufacturer is taking advantage of the wide opportunity of customizing the Fidget Spinner. And these days, it’s quite difficult for buyers to pick the best spinner that fits their use.

Well, here is the ultimate buyers guide to choosing the one of the best spinners in the market.

Spinner Bearing

First, you will need to know all about the mechanism of these toys—the bearing of the spinner. This is the mechanical part that allows it to spin. The bearing balls are enclosed between an inner ring and an outer ring that holds the outer parts of the spinner. The ball bearings allow the two rings rotate swiftly causing the spinning effect.

Therefore, the material of the bearing is an important factor to look into when searching for the top spinner.

The most commonly used bearing material is the stainless steel. It is known to last longer for a single spin with minimum effort. However, the design of the bearing can have some significant effect on the period a single spin last. A perfect sphere bearing will support a longer period of spin than a normal sphere would support.

Choosing the correct fidget spinner bearing that will spin long and fast can be a tricky task, especially if you don’t know the bearing types. Luckily, here are some of the best spinner bearing that will help you choose.

Fidget Spinner Steel Bearing

There numerous materials that are used to make these bearings. You can choose between steel, stainless steel, and the hybrid steel. Cheap spinners come with this kind of bearing but with a limitation—they are usually slow and will eventually rust which affects smooth spinning with time. Try to control the amount of moisture inside the rings in order to reduce the rate of rusting.

Fidget Spinner Ceramic Bearings

If you need bearings that will never rust, try a spinner with ceramic bearings. However, this may not live to be a reality if the rings used are made of steel. They revert the bearings strength and eventually begin rusting.

Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

The hybrid ceramic bearing is an improvement on the steel bearings. They offer longer and smooth spins not forgetting that little effort is needed to maintain the spinner. This makes it durable.


The second thing you should take note of is the spinner body material. However, you should consider whether the material will affect the spinning action or not. A heavy body material will definitely affect the spinning time—it rotates for a short period before it stops. Consider a lightweight spinner body if you want the best of spinning action.

More to the point, a metal body is less likely to suffer deformation in case it slips off the hand and drops. But on the other hand, it severely suffers corrosion. Apart from applying anti-corrosion sprays on the metal, some rust resistant metals such as copper or stainless steel can be used.

Plastic materials are also relevant since they have no rust risk and are light in weight. The only negative factor is the fact that they often balance off.

Here are some common materials used in some of the fidget spinners.


This one of the most preferred materials. It is rust resistant rust and light in weight. However, it scratches easily since it is a soft material and the copper smell will be felt almost all the time which puts off most people.

Titanium Fidget Spinners

This is a turf material that does not get easily deformed when the spinner falls and lasts longer. It does not have a metallic smell and looks very stylish from its curvature. This, however, is quite expensive. But come to think of it, it is worth its price.

Steel Fidget Spinners

The heaviness and the durability of steel make it popular as one of the options in making high quality fidgeteer. With the right bearings, the body supports the long spins with a smooth feeling. However, if the material is not made of stainless steel, it is a good idea to have it covered with a corrosion resistant spray.

Brass Fidget Spinners

These materials are not known for producing the best spinners but for color enthusiasts, this is the ideal material for your fidget spinner. They offer a wide variety of color alternatives to choose from.

Other spinner materials such as wooden and 3D printed spinners do exist, but they do not count much on the key factors you should consider.


The other key factor to put into account is the price of the fidget spinner. You should match your budget depending on the make and the materials used. Even with the slight difference in prices of various materials, always go for the one that is within your range.

The Design Of The Spinner

Can be a great determinant but it will majorly depend on your taste. Each choice you have must have a purpose but many opt to go for the attractive one in terms of color and design. For people with sensory disorders, bulky spinners work well for them as it helps in focusing one’s energy and mind to the spinning toy.

The design also features how the center body is placed to offer some resistant to the spinning body. Great architecture has used to design these parts as the balance here matters a lot. When holding the center body, the rotating bars should not rub each other as this would slow it down due to the friction.
There are many more designs that are available depending on one’s preferences. From sleek look to the number of spinning bars; the choice is all yours.

Spinning Time

The span of a spin can help you determine which is the most appropriate for you. The one that takes the longest spin and at the same time makes fast rotations after a slight effort is applied is the best one can get. Of course this feature is influenced by a lot more factors such as the bearing material and the spinning bar materials. The finest in spinner will obviously come at a higher cost but that shouldn’t make you spend in the skies.

The Size Of The Spinner

The size of the spinner is here refers to what fits in your hands. If you have larger hands, you will need a larger spinner. The opposite is true for people with small size hands. The importance of matching what you choose with your hand size is to ensure the rotating parts don’t come into contact with your fingers. You only need to get hold of the central part that supports the whole fidget spinner while rotating. If the rotating parts touch your hands, it will abruptly stop.


The comfort of the spinner can help determine the suitable spinner for you depending on the way you hold the toy when spinning. If you happen to have one larger than your hands, you can opt to have one that can be held with one finger. This makes you comfortable while spinning fidgeting without having to struggle holding it with smaller hands.


Another key factor is how you can carry around your fidget spinner. Some are collapsible to become smaller than normal to allow them fit even in your key holder. If it collapses hiding the sharp ends, you can comfortably carry it around in your pocket.

Wrapping Up- For The Buyer Who’s Still Searching

Finding the best fidgety can further narrow down to personal interest but with above factors, you will have the top-rated product in the market. But if you are buying on a tight budget but looking for a product that can accommodate most if not all of your needs, go for EWR. However, if performance is your priority, then your options should either be the Boxgear or the TYZEST. And for those who want a bit of everything but like fidgeting silently without destructing others, the BOKATE will do the job for you.


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