Best Camping Tents (Feb. 2018)- Buyer’s Guide

best camping tents

Climbing back and forth is cool but isn’t it cooler to climb and camp at the same time? If you ask for a reason why it is simply because You’ve got a time. A time to unwind and to get a date with our mother nature. No skyscrapers, no noisy vehicles, no hanging bar lights, and no cellphone notifications. It is just you (or maybe with some friend, family, co workmates, siblings, special someone, and so on) and the beautiful scenery of our nature. Even if you are just a newbie in camping or doing outdoor activities it is still very crucial for you to know the importance of having a good shelter while staying outside. That haven should make you feel like you are just in your own house. you should also keep in mind that having a best camping tents that make you feel like home comes in a price. Some are quite pricey but the experience you can get is worthy.

We know that there are lots of “buy 1 take 1” or “buy now and get 80% off” deals for camping tents. Please do not be an impulse buyer, before buying you should check first and ask yourself, “is this really a tent that can give me a relaxation i am looking for?”. Before you become tricked by that deal we review here the tents that can really provide you the relaxation and peacefulness you are looking for.

For Quick View Check This Table

MSR MSR Hubba Hubba NX2 people3- seasonCheck Price
ColemanColeman Instant Tent 44 people4- seasonCheck Price
MSRMSR Elixir 4 Tent4 people3- seasonCheck Price
SundomeSundome 4-Person Tent4 people4-seasonCheck Price
Big AgnesBig Agnes Flying Diamond 6-Person Tent6 people4- seasonCheck Price


In Depth Review Of The Best Camping Tents

1. MSR Hubba Hubba NX– Lightest And Comfortability In One

MSR Hubba Hubba NX Review

The first camping tent on our list is the well known MSR Hubba NX. Originally released in 2004 with its weight of 1.9 kg. Its redesign version was released last 2014 with its new weight of 1.7 kg. Hubba Hubba reduced the weight for up to 270 g, this is really a good news for our backpackers out there. Despite the fact that they reduced the size it does not mean that they also reduced the design and performance of this tent. Below we break down the improvements of the new generation of MSR Hubba Hubba NX.

Aside from its lightweight other things we like in this tent is that the living space it can provide is lavish when in fact this is just a tent good for two people. So there is no need bothering your partner when you wake up at night to see the beautiful stars in the sky. Given all that space there is also a ventilation in the upper part of MSR. the cool air from the outside comes inside that vent which give tent a cool condition.

In a stormy weather, I mean really strong rain with raging wind, this tent might not be good, you may need to purchase extra stakes if you want to use it there. But in a minimal wind and rain, MSR Hubba Hubba NX can cope with that. It is made of a waterproof 1200 mm hydrostatic head and 3000 mm for the ground.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX might not be the cheapest, and have some specs we might not like. But what this tent can give is a good balance of specs. One is its great space-to-weight ratio. To all partner hikers, no other tent can offer you a wide livable space in a lightweight size.


  • Insane balance in all aspects of an excellent camping tent- equilibrium in space, price, weight and design.
  • Two doors in each side is really a bonus, how about a built in water gutter in each door? Feels good man!
  • Ventilation is good you can breathe the fresh air from inside.


  • The colors of rain fly let in the moonlights at night so if you do not like lights at night before you sleep, then this must be an issue.

Check Price


2. Coleman Instant Tent 4– Fastest To Setup On The List

Coleman Instant Tent 4 Review

The next we have a premium tent that can be set up for more or less than a minute. Created by Coleman, this tent has a unique technology that makes it easy to stand up. Also, a lot more features that makes this tent one of the best sellers in amazon and ebay. It has a WeatherTec system that prevents the water from entering inside. Even on strong storm and raging rainy days it will hold you just fine, you don’t even need to think of resorting to tarp to cover you from rain. Its welded floor and inverted seams covers the full body of the tent making floor very good, and no leaks. There is no doubt that this tent is really amazing, being the fastest to set up and still very tough.
It has pre-assembled poles which makes this one super easy to set up. So if you do not want a hassle or just want to go away in a camp then this tent is really a must have. It also has a rainfly which is very uncommon to an easy set up tents. Usually, if you buy an easy to set up tent you still need to buy a separate rainfly then connect it when it rains. Thanks to Coleman this one has rainfly direct connected to the window via velcro attachments so you don’t need to worry when rain comes on the way.


  • Easiest to set up among camping tents out there!
  • This tent is good for 4 person but still have many space to use.
  • There are many windows that has rainfly so even on rainy day you can still open it and still not getting wet.


  • The only thing we didn’t like is that weight of this tent. But considering this is a 4-person tent, 12.7kg is not bad to carry.

Check Price


3. MSR Elixir 4 Tent– Unique Design

MSR Elixir 4 Tent Review

The next up on our list is a top tier tent from MSR Gear. MSR or Mountain Safety Research is one of the leading provider of any mountain gear in the whole world. That is why two of their product make it in the top ten. Just like all other MSR products, it is build with good structure and unique design. The Elixir 4 is an amazing tent for car camping trip with a fair weather condition. So, if you are planning to have a camping trip with ur family ( two kids and a wife i supposed) this one is an ideal tent for you.
Testing this revealed that the tent is livable, easy to set up and has a unique inclusion which is the Footprint. It is not common to get a free footprint when buying a tent so having this is really a huge saver.

The weight of this tent if 3.58 kg (footprint not included) which is pretty light compare to other 4 person tent that usually weight up to 6 kg or more. So if you are traveling with your family you carry it without that much hassle on your part but if you are traveling with a friend then you can divide it between several people. Carrying 1 kg each would be very easy.

As for the living space, the inside of the Elixir 4 really do a good job. Perfect symmetry and it has a headroom that really excel. The maximum height is 1.2 meters which is very comfortable for me to kneel upright. We know that this height is almost the same as other but, thanks to its broad slope on the roof it helps extend the headroom. And for the floor area, it has a 5.02 sqm usable floor area which is kinda good and you can still use a free space for your items. Plus its floor is basically square in shape because of its foot print helping you stretch your body when you lay down.

Making long review short. MSR Elixir 4 is a very good choice for car camping trips for 4. It is very good if you camp in a place with a fair weather condition and I can say it can also hold strong winds too. One disadvantage of this is that it cannot hold continuous rainfall so it would be better if you do not camp during rainfall season. All in all it is still good tent in relation to its price You will get what you pay for.


  • It has a free foot print which helps you save up to 30 to 70 dollars. Seems good.
  • It has a light grey rainfly that is very good if you are camping under the hot sun. It helps reduce the heat entering the tent.
  • Lightweight in compare to other existing 4 person tent out there.


  • Not advisable in using in heavy rain condition. You might need to put some tarp in the roof if you still want to use it.

Check Price


4. Sundome 4-Person Tent– Cheaper But Fully Functional

Sundome 4-Person Tent Review

If you liked the Coleman Instant 4 person tent but thought that you want something cheaper but comes with a good performance. you may want to try their Coleman Sundome 4 tent. Overall quality is not super outstanding, but it is not the worst either. It is something in between and if you compare its performance to its price you can say that this one is a good choice.

But don’t you worry because even though this one is cheap, coleman did not compromise its features. Some of the great features of this tent are easy to set up, easy to fold down, easy to carry and large sleeping base which good for more that 4 people. This tent is very appropriate for summer camping with steady wind so if you are on camp this coming vacation and budget is tight then this tent is good for you.

This tent is not suitable for camp with heavy rainfall so if you are on a planned trip make sure to check the weather forecast a week before so you can avoid hassle. Its rainfly can deal with light rainfall but on heavy rains you need to use a tarpaulin to protect your roof.


  • Ease of set up.
  • Floor is pure tarp material.
  • Ventilation system is working well even if you are 4 inside the tent it still ventilate air.
  • Carry bag is included in a packaged. You can put all required materials to make a tent stand in that bag.


  • Rainfly can’t stand heavy rainfall.
  • Space is good for 4 people but it is for medium sized person. If you are with a large build body individual. this may be good for 3.

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5. Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6-Person Tent– Good Things Comes With Big Size

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6-Person Tent Review

If you are looking for a tent that has a big size, heavy rain-proof design, and is packed with quality. The Big Agnes Flying Diamond- 6 person tent is a win-win deal for you.
As you can see, this is a huge tent with a spendy tag price, but you must know that the quality it offers is more than its worth and it is enough to justify its price. With that said, if you are a camping enthusiast and found yourself looking for a tent with big room to sleep, looking for a 4 season tent that can really handle any changing weather, and is a storm-friendly. Then your dream has come to reality.

The Flying Diamond 6 is something that is build for camping enuthiasts who wants to enjoy their tent to its fullest capability, the tent happens to have a unique DAC pole sleeves and pole sleeves that can resist raging winds. When we did the experiment we did not think it can withstand a 30-35 mph wind. We think that its just an advertisement but as we see the result we can say that it is true.

The tent has an incredible seam-taped making it unquestionably waterproof. In our test run we try to test its water resistance by rinsing it with pressured water. The result is amazing. No torn rainfly after that 30-test and no water found inside the tent.

Last but not the least, another great thing with this tent is that its maximum height is 5’6. without doubt its height is very good making average sized people stand inside the tent.

Sadly, the tent is not easy to take down and take up. Due to its size one will cannot set it up in a minute.


  • The tent comes with a strong poles making it sturdy in harshest of winds.
  • Good for all season tent (spring, summer, winter, fall)
  • Will keep you dry as long as you are inside.


  • No poles for opening in rain fly.
  • Needs more ventilation.

Check Price



The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Now that we are done reviewing the best tents. It is now time to list the factors to consider in choosing the best one that suits your need.

1. Camping Tent Types- There are two types of camping tent, the premium type and basic type. Premium type are tent that has high quality but comes with a high price. This type of tent is good for those who do camping as their passion. While basic type tents have cheap price they are still fully functional but can not be compare to the quality of premium types. Good for people who just want to disconnect life for a while.

2. Doors- This is one of the most important factor in choosing tent. We prefer two doors as much as possible but we know that not every tent is made equal. So we conclude that one door is good for 1 to 4 persons and two doors are good for 4-8 persons.

3. Good For How Many People?- Before buying your new tent, make sure to ask yourself, “how many people are we on the camp?”. Let’s say you are 6 in the group make sure to see that the 6 person type tent you are planning to buy make all of you fit inside. Other things that need to be consider is the physical appearance of your colleague. Is he a big-framed man? Is there a pregnant woman? Is there someone who has asthma? These are the questions that you might consider.

4. Ventilation- I know that all of you agree that most of us wants to camp during summer, right? A tent that does not have a proper ventilation will give you a trouble during your camp. Sleepless nights will sure to come. So make sure that before buying a tent you check first if it has a proper ventilation that can make you comfortable.

5. Weather Resistance- Even if we planned to camp on summer we cannot hide the fact that our weather is unpredictable. That is why choosing a weather- worthy tent is very important.

6. Footprint- We always want you to use some kind of footprint. This will protect you from wet coming from outside and will also extend the lifespan of the tent.

7. Weight- This affects your experience in camping as carrying a super heavy tent alone can exhaust your energy. Make sure to buy lightweight tent as much as possible.

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